My name is John Swallow & I am a Leader, Educator, Coach & Author. I have thirty years experience in people development around the globe and enjoy helping people to achieve more.


I work with individuals around the world through Results-Focused Coaching, whether online or in person.


I also specialise in the training and development of Business English skills in order to grow a better career or business, both domestically or internationally.

I also provide lectures and webinars on "How to Achieve your Goals?"

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I have been helping people to achieve their career and business goals throughout international my career.

I have been fortunate to work with people from many countries, including: the United States; South America; the Baltics; Central and Eastern Europe; Iberia; the Nordic countries and more. 

Now, I also specialise in coaching individuals to achieve their career and business goals. I am certified in coaching, on-line learning and teaching English as a foreign language including advanced Business English.

 My career has taught me that people are capable of doing much more than they know. They just need someone to help them start or gain momentum. 



Online coaching and training is a great way to work  together at convenient times, in or out of normal office hours, anywhere in the world.

We can work together to identify your goals and create a strategy to achieve them. Although there may be many different steps in our journey, I work in 5 simple stages:

1. We will explore your current situation and confirm the part of your career or business you wish to work on.

2. We will discuss a range of opportunities and define a clear objective that will make a real difference. 

 3. We will brainstorm many possible ideas to reach your goal and agree a list of potential solutions.

4. We will write an action plan with clear practical steps towards your goal.

5. You will work through your plan and  I will support you on your journey through Zoom or Skype sessions and other electronic communication.




”I am very pleased and impressed with the structure of the sessions to get to the results. John is committed, responsive and strong in catching up things during the conversations, where he then challenges, structures and sets clear goals for each session. With a soft appearance but with a clarity he has helped me to get closer to my personal goals, the meetings has had a huge impact on my development."

Derya Bastreri

Head of Function

"John is highly skilled in bringing out the best in people. Of the all people I know he is the one who knows how to support you to go always an extra mile. Sometimes it is not easy, but he coaches you to step out from your comfort zone and exceed your limits. He remembers to give feedback, and drives you toward your goals.”

Henny Jaakkola

Senior Manager
(New Zealand)

" John is a truly inspirational leader in every aspect and someone whom I credit the most as being the mentor that helped shape me to be the operator that I am today. I am one of the many beneficiaries of Johns enthusiasm with regard to people development and will therefore always credit him for this accordingly and will endorse him without hesitation to anyone lucky enough to deal with him directly and learn from his experience".

Irfan Akhtar


"I have been fortunate enough to work with John on many projects. He is an inspiring person to be around and encourages innovative thinking from his teams. His results-focused style, combined with his highly approachable personality, makes it very enjoyable and satisfying to work with him. His facilitative style and encouraging manner are key elements of his extremely effective coaching ability."

Graham Shaw

Managing Director

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