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Achieving More?

I have to admit it. I do love it when a plan comes together!

It doesn't always of course and the events of 2020 are a testament to that for myself and many other people. However, getting something else achieved gives you a real boost and a feeling that you can continue getting more of the right stuff done.

When talking about this subject (which I often do) in webinars or coaching sessions, I always find myself going back to the maths of it all. Having a great vision or goal in your mind is only a dream unless you determine some tangible key objectives and a solid action plan.

I am a huge fan of the methodology of OKRs in this regard (Objectives and Key Results) and this is how I went about my latest book (now completed and set to be published in November).

The journey went along similar lines to my last book and most other things that I do.

This was the plan...

Objective - Write My 2nd Fiction Novel

Key Result - Write the story over 60,000 words by September 30th 2020

Action - Write 1000 words per day (allow up to 2 days off per week) over 3 months

Now that is done and the next stage begins. Sometimes a goal is big enough that you need to take it in stages...

Objective - Publish the Novel

Key Result -The Novel is published on Amazon as a paperback and e-book by November 1st 2020

Actions - Read through 5 times - rough, proof, edit, final....and then one last time!l

- Design a cover

- Publish it with necessary details including summary and Author Bio details

- Update other books and information to include links

So, I am looking forward to publish the Novel on target and on time.

By the way, my goals don't always get achieved by the way, but often they do. One thing is for sure, if you don't have a go at something that you have in your mind, it almost certainly will not happen. So, if you are already thinking of something, maybe it's time to get out the blank piece of paper or open that empty word document on your laptop?

The OKR methodology is brilliant for getting things done. I hope that you are able to use it for your own benefit too!

I love coaching...and writing!



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