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Achieving your Goal

My Goal in this case is: 70,000 steps every week!

Now, this is something that I am quite proud to have been achieving. I say "been achieving" because it is not a one-off but involves the same amount of effort every week (actually every day).

My reasons for doing this? These are many and include: health, weight control, thinking time, relaxation and just enjoying nature. I have also been so involved in my new project, Webineyes, using a screen in the office, that I felt I just needed to get more fresh air and exercise. I had been walking often before but never to this degree and it feels amazing!

There are also many more scientifically proven benefits to walking, which google will happily explain.

The same method can also be applied to many other goals in which you may want to achieve more. So, I thought I would share how my methodology, in the hope that it may help others.

In my last blog, I mentioned this goal of walking 70,000 steps per week and I am now in my 8th week of achieving this. Here is last week's result.

Now this may be simple for many people out there but for me, it required considerable focus and effort.

Here is what I did:

1) Make my goal very specific

2) Break the goal down to easier steps

3) Even though the target is strict, build in some kind of flexibility

4) Make it enjoyable somehow

5) Find a way to track and measure progress

6) Record your success

And with a little more detail...

My Goal - 70,000 steps every single week

Broken down - 10,000 steps per day

Flexibility - I can fail to achieve 10,000 on some days but I must make it up before the end of the week

Enjoyable - I walk in scenic areas

Track - I use a smart watch to track my steps

Record - I always photograph my watch at the end of the week

And this is my formula, of course, there is also a certain amount of drive involved as when it is cold and raining, it isn't that appealing but I cannot let my self down and the feeling I have afterwards is just great. I often walk in the morning and this sets me up for the day. I also get to see sights like this sometimes.

So, whatever you may be doing, I wish you much success! Perhaps reflect on my formula and I hope that this may help you to achieve your ow goal in some small way.

I love coaching!








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