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Happy New Goals!

2019 has arrived and we have a whole new year to make the most of and achieve more of what we want in our lives.

So, what are your goals for this year? and more importantly, why have you chosen them? or have you even thought about any goals for this year?

Personally, I am always thinking about how I can do more of the things that make me happy...this is the way to achieve more in your life. Therefore, I always define goals for my new year.

This is how I make progress with them...

1. When I think about goals, I think about what I want to change, do better, do less of, do differently and the reason WHY? is a really important step for me to define a goal.

2. I always make goals achievable. Big amazing goals are fine but it's better to have a series of achievable ones, especially some smaller goals which give you even more motivation to continue. Most will know the SMART mantra and having a clarity of your goal really helps me to get there.

3. I always write my goals down and keep them in a place that I can refer to regularly.

4. I am flexible with goals...that doesn't mean that I will stop or reduce something if it is too difficult. It means that as my life or circumstances change, my goals still align with what I want.

5. I have a Coach...yes, the Coach has a Coach. I have my own Coach who helps me to become accountable for my goals and objectively asks the right questions to ensure focus and helps me to challenge myself.

6. I tackle goals in detail by splitting off a list of tasks that I need to do in order to make them happen...and tick them off in a notebook, as I have done them. It gives me a good feeling to be a little closer to the goal al the time.

7. If I am struggling with a goal, I will focus on getting a small things done at a time, getting a little closer each time...much easier than trying to climb Everest overnight. My Coach helps me to do this with the larger goals.

8. I publish or tell others if I have achieved something or if I need support to get somewhere. There is. nothing wrong with some public support and celebration.

9. I read inspiring books and articles, also I follow people that motivate me on social media and connect with them.

10. I am not afraid to make mistakes. Yes, I do them. But I know that if I do not put my hands in the dirt, then I cannot plant a seed and help it grow.

11. Last but not least...number 11 applies to everything...I work hard on my goals. I know that if I don't sweat for them, they won't arrive. No sugar coating here, along with the clarity of the goal, effort is the key. See barriers as things to be overcome.

I hope that my list is helpful to you in achieving those challenges you may have in your business, career or life in general. If you need some help, please connect with me.

I wish you much success in 2019!

I love coaching!

John Swallow





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