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Podcasts? Are they still going?

Yes, that's exactly what I asked!

The point came up in a conversation this week. I do remember when Podcasts first come out many years ago and the novelty factor drew me to them. I have also seen a few people marketing their podcasts on social media recently but haven't really been that interested. I mean, we have so many other platforms and other communications bombarding us with information! How are we supposed to find the time to listen to a podcast...and anyway, isn't everyone saying that video is the future?

Or so I thought...

After becoming a published Author for the first time, I started to listen to a podcast to learn some new tips on how to continually improve my writing. I am working on a few projects at the moment, including another novel and thought that an experienced Editor and Book Coach may be of help. I was right, she was amazing. I listened to all of the podcast episodes. I have to quickly plug her podcast at this point, here name is Savannah Gilbo. If you enjoy writing, you will find her a great source of inspiration. You can find her here:

But hang on a second just said you were too busy to listen to Podcasts, John!

And yes I thought I was. However, I got so much value from this that I started to subscribe to some more, including daily Ted Talks. These deliver incredible value and I am learning so much from such great presentations. There are so many more available and those focused on your business, professional and personal interests are even more useful!

We are all busy right? So, I had to work out when and where I could listen to these podcasts. I tried listening to them on my daily walk in the Forest trails but although useful, it was taking away from a creative time which I really valued. Then, I discovered some more opportunities. I listen to one podcast when I am stretching after daily exercise and I listen to another when in the car. With the ability to download them, I no longer look at them as something that it outdated but as something that is of ultimate convenience. You don't have to look at the screen and you can listen to them practically wherever you want. Just plug in those headphones and go!

So, just a simple tip from me today, you may well have discovered the latest podcasts sometime ago but for the rest of just maybe worth a try!

Perhaps an extra few hundred tips from experienced people may just help you to get where you want to be?

Oh and no, I don't have a podcast to push. I just enjoy helping others to achieve that little bit more!

I love coaching!








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