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It's all about your routine

Routine is great for getting things done. I know you achieved a number of things today…for example you ate lunch or dinner and brushed your teeth. I know that you will do these things every day, but I also know that some of those maybe more life-changing things, will not be.

Why is that? Were you too busy? I bet that you were not too busy to brush your teeth this morning?

A great way of progressing something is through routine. You didn’t wake up one morning and decide to brush your teeth…someone helped you to instill a routine, maybe your parents? And now you know that if you don’t eat or brush your teeth, there will probably be consequences.

So, let’s get back to that thing you have to do. Is it going to the gym? Writing a book? Learning a language? Or something else? What is the thing that you would love to do but just cannot get going? Yes, that one.

Some things are just too challenging to go at all at once, aren’t they? So, wouldn’t it be great if you could progress and achieve that thing in small steps on a regular basis?

How could you do that? Well, now you have defined what it is, the next step is to decide what it looks like on a regular basis, for example, I will go to the gym for 30 mins per day, or exercise at home for 15 minutes a day, or write for 20 minutes a day, or learn 3 new Spanish words per day.

But hold your horses!!!…make it simple at first, the harder you make it, the less likely you will achieve a routine and achieve what you want.

Done that? Okay, now you need a trigger. Something that reminds you to do it at a certain time today, tomorrow and the next day onwards. How about a calendar entry? A reminder alarm? A family member or friend to remind you? A post-it on your fridge? Put it on social media so others will remind and ask you? Maybe all of them? Whatever works for you.

So now you have a goal, an action and a routine…ready? Nope, not just yet buddy! The final ingredient is some good old-fashioned grit. You need to really want this and to make it happen. You need to push yourself. Why would you do that? Because now I want you to visualize the result. I want you to visualize what life would be like if you achieved that thing?

Using my previous examples, you would feel better and look better with a gym routine, you would finish and maybe publish your book, or you would be able to communicate with others in another language…or whatever was your goal? Now clearly visualize it and find a photograph or picture or words that clearly portray that success. Put it somewhere obvious and look at it often. Stick it on your bathroom mirror, put it on your desk in the office or put in into your wallet.

Ready? Now let’s do this!

I love coaching!

John Swallow




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