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The value of Self-Coaching...and how an E-Reader changed my life!

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

I recently went to a great coaching course which had a long reading list that I wanted to get through. I duly purchased the first book on the list.

Done! On my way!

Unfortunately, with my current schedule, it ended up looking at me on the bedside table for a some weeks (although I have to admit that it does have a rather lovely cover). It basically wasn't happening, so I decided to look in the mirror (so to speak) and do some self-coaching.

So with a blank piece of paper and 10 minutes to spare, I did the know...thought about the situation, clarified the objective, brainstormed some solutions and defined a simple action plan to make this happen.

After my self-coaching session, I came to the conclusion that I am never going to read all of this unless I change my approach. Not rocket science I know but stay with me. During the session I considered an E- reader, despite my thoughts that it was a bit 'old school' compared to the raft of technology that I normally use and the fact that I have always preferred the feel of a book. However, it seemed a good idea, as it was small, easy to use and could hold multiple books. Therefore, at the end of my session, I decided that a good solution for my own busy lifestyle would in fact be an E-reader. This would help me to achieve my objective!

Enter…the E-Reader!

OK I will admit I am surprised about the effectivity of this solution. I have owned it for 2 weeks and have read 2 and a half books. I have no idea about the percentage increase in my reading that this represents but it is quite something I can tell you. It is easy to load multiple books onto, highlight all of those great lines that you want to remember, hop in and out to the page you left, carry on a plane to watch late at night instead of watching something on an ipad, pick it up and read a few pages when time allows and much more.

What is more important, I have now adopted a new routine to pick this up at some point every day, even if it is just for a couple of pages. Already, my routine of picking this up is becoming a habit. I will easily achieve my objective, much earlier than planned. I am also picking up far more great ideas and inspiration from those great business writers.

Taking that time to have a short self-coaching session and being able to put a clear solution in place and take action, works for me every time. I hate barriers and I enjoy the process of removing them. If there is something that I cannot find a way around, over or through, then I find someone to guide me through. That is when my own Coach comes in handy to help me to achieve results.

So this blog has several points:

- If you want to resolve any challenges, a good self-coaching session may be useful (don't worry you don't actually have to look in the mirror, that bit wouldn't do me any good). Of course if you are struggling with this, find someone who can support you. For example, online coaching is readily available across the internet. Don't accept the barrier.

- If you want to achieve more in something on a regular basis, make a plan, do it, make it a routine and it may then become a great habit.

Oh and by the way, If you want absolute flexibility and productivity in reading…why not try an E-reader?

I love coaching!

John Swallow


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