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Taking the Plunge!

I am now in the process of setting up a new business!

After much thought, last September, I decided to resign from the company I was employed in and do something different for a while. I provided six month's notice of resignation, which gave me plenty of time to ensure a smooth handover and I left in March of this year.

This was a huge decision for me, having worked with the brand for 20 years, both owning franchises and working for the corporate side of the business, in various roles. I had a great career in Supersavers, had created a fabulous team and I had been doing what I would class a "Dream Job" for almost six years.

However, in order to develop and progress in your career, your creativity and push your own boundaries, sometimes you need to take a risk.

During this journey, I had the great support of my coach, Pauliina Hallama, who was not only very inspirational but also very challenging and this helped me to find my compass direction and move forward in practical steps.

Yes, even a coach needs a coach sometimes!

Now, I find myself setting up a new company, working on the website and putting together all of the details required for the launch later in the year. Very exciting stuff!

Of course, I will continue my interest in coaching and I will continue to coach and mentor just a few individuals at a time. What I have found from coaching, I wish to pass onto others. Through this, I hope I will give inspiration to others to find their own compass direction and take the next steps in their career or business. Perhaps to be one of those few that succeed and achieve more of what they want...rather than one of the many who wish they had tried.

Sometimes it's worth taking the plunge!

I love coaching!







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