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The Business of English

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The period of uncertainty during 2020 has been enlightening in many ways. If you are a non-native English-speaker, one of the more interesting opportunities that have come to light is the ability to communicate in competent Business English.

In Finland, for example, the volume of sales' cold calls has increased substantially. Despite knowing that the receiver of the call is non-Finnish, these calls are almost always conducted in Finnish, even when some of the receivers are clearly not able to discuss the finer details of any offer being proposed. Not surprisingly, the answer will usually be no. Whereas there is no problem (quite the reverse) in speaking one's own language in one's own country, the inability to speak good English in business, severely hampers the ability to reach out to new customers, both inside and outside of a country.

These days, a good level of Business English, or to put it another way, the ability to do Business in English is essential to expand either your career or your business internationally. Without it, you are restricted to your home market (unless your home market is English-speaking of course).

So why upgrade to a better standard of Business English?

The Benefits can include:

- improving relationships with customers

- increasing revenue with existing contacts

- converting new business opportunities

- improving your career prospects

And fact the ability to communicate in good Business English can open many more doors, around the world.

My own business activities have pivoted, like many others in the world, during this pandemic. The area that I now spend a lot of time helping clients to succeed in their job or business, is through a mix of teaching Business English, Business Skills and Coaching...this last one comes in especially handy when the client has not been involved in English or perhaps any education for some years. Often, the client will appear with a basic school-level of English, where they were taught grammar but not to speak. This is when the opportunity to work with them to deliver presentations, communicate in face to face (or virtual) meetings and have telephone calls or send emails, is a major benefit to them.

There are many opportunities around the world to improve your English level but if you are serious about upgrading your future, learning with someone who is competent in teaching English, combined with a strong business background could be just the thing you need!

If you are interested in developing your Business English skills, feel free to contact me, via my website, Linked in, or email at:

I love coaching....and teaching!

Stay safe,



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