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When a job looks so big!

Do you know that feeling when you look at a job and it seems like you may never be able to get to the end?

Or you start something...and then wish you hadn't?

Or when you are in the middle of something and you have just about had enough?

Okay, so that is what these photos are all about. At the weekend, we had possible the biggest snowfall that I have ever seen. It came overnight and about an extra 20cm landed on top of the already thick white blanket covering the area. In addition to kept on snowing throughout that day!!!

After a good hour of concentrated shovelling, I managed to get the snow cleared and was then able to walk to the garage and clear the driveway. Achieve more? Oh yeh, I did it!

So is this article about clearing snow then? well, yes, but then again, how many things would you like to do this year that look so big that you think you may never get them done?

How many times have you looked at something and thought, forget it, it will just take too long?

Well, I guess the moral of this story is that whatever you want to do, if it is important enough to you, then deciding to get stuck in and getting it forward bit by bit, will get you closer to it and provide you with the opportunity to achieve it. If you don't give up, then eventually you will get there.

Now, there is no rocket science here, just grim determination is what it takes...and that is what happened that day. Oh and I had to do it three times...

Don't give up until you reach your goal!

I love coaching!



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